David’s internship in Brain Fors

David is a fourth-year student at Yerevan State College of Informatics. David lives in Yerevan, but about 2 weeks ago he decided to have a two-week (daily) internship in the field of programming in Gyumri at Brain Fors and as we later found out during the conversation, he is happy for the right decision. During these two weeks, David not only loved the team and the environment but also got acquainted with programming languages ​​and technologies. As a result of close cooperation with the staff, he managed to gain basic knowledge of three languages. As David points out, the practice helped him a lot in his determination to take clear future steps․ " For people taking the first steps in this field Brain Force provides a very good opportunity to use their time right, effectively, to understand what they want, to what direction they want to move." David also loved Gyumri very much ․ He says that he admired the architecture and cleanliness of the city the most and that he would work and live in Gyumri with pleasure. We are also grateful to David and glad that the practice was effective for him.